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How do I send photos of my car for review?
How do I send photos of my car for review?

Uploading pictures of your vehicle

Updated over a week ago

To expedite the inspection and sale of your car, in some cases we will need to verify its condition and documentation by getting a few photos from you. You can simply log into your account and upload them online.

Once the images are received, we will review to ensure that the title is transferable and the conditions are as described, and provide you with instructions for signing your title. That's it! We'll then get you in touch with your carrier to pick up and pay you for your vehicle!

It's important that we receive these images within 7 days of accepting your offer to ensure that your offer does not change. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us at (844) 367-2500.

Examples of photos needed:

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