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What if there's an issue with my payment?
What if there's an issue with my payment?

What will Peddle do to help resolve a payment issue?

Updated over a week ago

Our offers are haggle-free, hassle-free! As long as all condition questions are answered accurately and no major components are missing, your payment via check is 100% guaranteed.

We process tens of thousands of transactions per month and on very rare occasions, there may be a payment issue. When this rare and unfortunate events happen, Peddle swiftly jumps in to get our customer paid.

If your check bounces or you don't receive the correct payment amount, contact us at 877-586-5692 and our support team will get right on it. You can check out our reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot as well as our Better Business Bureau profile to see what we've done to correct any issues that have come up.

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