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How do I prepare my Pennsylvania title?
How do I prepare my Pennsylvania title?

Instructions on preparing a Pennsylvania (PA) title

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Your title is a legal document. Incorrectly completing your title may void it, requiring you to obtain a duplicate copy. Please read all of the instructions and tips before signing your title.

Don't void your title

  • Use black or blue pen, only

  • Don't use a highlighter or white-out

  • No strikethroughs, write-overs, scribbles, or tears

  • Do not sign in the Dealer Reassignment section, unless you're an authorized dealer

**If your title design varies from the image shown below, review your title carefully before proceeding. While the signature and printed name fields may be in a different location, you will still need to print and sign your name in the appropriate areas in front of a Notary Public.**

The person(s) named on the front of the title must follow these steps:

  1. This title must be notarized! Sign the title in front of a Notary Public.

  2. Sign the back of the title where it reads "SIGNATURE OF SELLER."

  3. Print name(s) on the back of the title where it reads "SELLER AND/OR CO-SELLER MUST HANDPRINT NAME HERE."

  4. If there's a lien listed on the title, it must be released on the title, or accompanied by a separate lien release letter.

Signature Tips

The name(s) used to sign the title must exactly match the name(s) shown on the title. If you have changed your name since the title was issued, do not sign with your new name. Go ahead and sign with the name shown on the title. 

If there are two owners on the title, BOTH owners must sign. Don't worry about the Buyer line, you should leave that blank.

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